Outer Edges cover
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"It's called Outer Edges because it's us exploring the outer edges of what Noisia, the three of us together, is. It's about the idea that all the songs are little islands that we take to their individual edge.. They're all like expeditions to far sides. That doesn't mean that it's everything; it's just that every song, if it goes in a certain direction, we've taken it all the way there. There's no real concessions – we haven't been super DJ-friendly or radio-friendly at all. We've done no collaborations and hardly any vocals on the album." – Martijn, Nik and Thijs

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Outer Edges tour

Tour dates

Date Venue City Country
10/21 ADE @ Melkweg Amsterdam The Netherlands Sold Out
11/05 De Oosterpoort Groningen The Netherlands
11/24 Effenaar Eindhoven The Netherlands
12/02 BUD Arena Moscow Russian Federation
12/09 Electric Brixton London United Kingdom Sold Out
14/01 Noorderslag Groningen The Netherlands Sold Out
18/02 Rampage Antwerp Belgium Sold Out
25/03 New Link Bologna Italy
14/04 New Hospitality in the Dock London United Kingdom
12/08 New Dreambeach Festival Villaricos Spain
More 'Outer Edges' dates to be announced. Check noisia.nl for our DJ schedule.